5 Games that changed the gaming industry

Some games break sales records, win countless Game of the Year awards, and have hundreds of thousands of players daily. These games however have done far more. More than the developers probably imagined. They changed the video game industry.
5. Gears of War

Believe it or not, Gears of War wasn’t the first franchise to have a cover system. Killswitch for the PS2 did it long before Gears of War however, it was complete crap. Gears of War took the cover system to a new level. Made it easy for players to snap in and out of cover seamlessly along with providing blind fire, and the ability to pop out of cover and shoot without actually removing yourself from the object. Not only did this add new ways to play 3rd person shooters, it also added new tactics for players to use. To this day more and more games are implementing a cover system. You have games like GTA4, Uncharted, RDR, SOCOM 4, and even Splinter Cell. Killswitch may have started using the cover system first, but without the Gears of War series I doubt it would be used like it is today.

4. Goldeneye 007

Sorry to break your little hearts Halo fanboys, but Goldeneye deserves the title of being the reason FPS are popular on consoles.  You see before Call of Duty and Halo, there was a very special game that Rare introduced to the world in 1997 by the name of “Goldeneye 007”. Not only that but before, Halo Rare produced another title similar to Goldeneye in 2000 titled “Perfect Dark”. FPS today are not like they use to be. Before Goldeneye FPS were pretty much none existent on consoles. Nobody wanted to play them, or even showed the slightest bit of interest. Goldeneye struck a match in console gamers in 1997. People inviting their friends over to have 4 player multiplayer matches against bots. Not only did this game glue people to their televisions, it was so good and popular that on November 2nd 2010, Activision released a “Remake” which currently holds a 81 on Metacritic. If any games deserves to be the reason FPS began on consoles, it would be the success of Goldeneye.

3. Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto is one of those very special games that always sparks attention, has gamers on the edge of their seats, and very successful. That wasn’t until Grand Theft Auto 3 though. With the introduction to Grand Theft Auto 3, Rockstar games brought their top down view, shoot em game to the 3D world. Similar to what I stated above about FPS, GTA did for Sandbox games. Rockstar didn’t just drop a character in a world and say have fun. No, they offered you freedom. Do what ever the hell you want. Steal cars, kill random people, have sex with a hooker than beat her to death and get your money back, etc. GTA offered what other games didn’t at the time. A choice. You choose what you wanted to do, when you wanted to do it. Every single 3rd person sandbox game that release has something Rockstar did with GTA3. Circle Mini-map, multiple side missions, freedom, etc. If Rockstar games never created GTA3 I’m not sure how our sandbox games would be today. Quite honestly, that’s not a gaming world I would want to be in.

2. Duck Hunt

WTF? Duck Hunt? Yes, Duck Hunt. A long time ago before all these nice little peripherals we have now, there was a game called Duck Hunt.  In 1984 Duck Hunt was release and came packaged with a NES Zapper (Seen guns in the image above). You didn’t need joysticks and buttons, you simply point the gun at your TV and shoot the ducks. It was simple, easy, and fucking fun. Duck Hunt was an instant classic, not only that but since the release of Duck Hunt more companies offered different types of controllers instead of the standard one packaged with the system. Nintendo later offered a Super Scope (Rocket Launcher Controller), Steelbattlion offered a 3 panel controller with pedals to operate the Robot you controlled in game. All the way up to what we have now such as the Wiimote, Playstation Move, etc. Without Duck Hunt I honestly believe my childhood wouldn’t have been the same.


If any of you know me the slightest bit you would know SOCOM is my favorite game/franchise of all time, but that’s not why it’s number 1 on my list. Before Zipper Interactive introduced SOCOM to the world back in 2002, online gaming for consoles was damn near none existent. Nobody played their console over the internet or really had a choice for that matter. If you wanted to play with other people, you invited them to your house, you sat on the couch and played your heart out. However, the day SOCOM launched that all changed. SOCOM offered things nobody else could even match on consoles. 16 player online competitive multiplayer matches, all with voice chat. Voice chat wasn’t just limited to multiplayer either. You could use the USB headset packaged with the game to command your single player AI teammates around the battlefield. Order them to attack, hold position, plant objectives, etc. This game was like nothing ever seen before on consoles.

Today everything is different. Some gamers wont even buy a video game unless it includes multiplayer. Sega attempted online multiplayer with the Dreamcast, but they failed miserably. Sony and Zipper however were very successful. Not only did SOCOM kick off online multiplayer for consoles, the game can still be played online to this day almost a decade later.

Of course these are just my picks and opinions. What do you believe are 5 games that changed the gaming industry, or changed gaming for you in general? Let me know in the comment section below.

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  2. Why would that break my heart <.< Halo 1 was way better than Goldeneye so i'm just happy

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