Games we don’t want to see this generation.

As everyone knows all too well, this generation of consoles is quickly drawing game developers and publishers back from their full potential because of a lack of processing power, disc space (for the 360), and other factors. Right alongside all of these reports are claims of games maxing out this generation of consoles. This should make those games great, but for how long, these are five games we don’t want to see this generation.

Rainbow Six Vegas 3

This timeless third person shooter has been pushed to the back of everyone’s mind since R6V2 was released in March of 2008. Back then it blew everyone’s mind, and that’s exactly what I want the next installment to do. However, since the current consoles are “Maxed Out” nothing is going to blow our minds. This series will live on, but hopefully not on these consoles.

            Socom 5

This series was groundbreaking in its first installments on the PS2, but have taken a large step backwards in innovation, creativity, and competitiveness. In general for this series to reform its identity it needs to stop trying to be like other shooters such as Call of Duty, and instead go back to what made this game a killer series. Plus, in my opinion an old school Socom would make an excellent launch title for the next generation Playstation.

             Splinter Cell

A game that has never disappointed. Splinter Cell has always taken us to the shadows and kept us there from start to finish, and several times after my first playthrough, bringing me back for speed runs, and just to enjoy the game. For the series to take a leap forward, and give us everything we want from the series, it’s going to take more than this generation can offer.

            Call of Duty

This series has completely changed the video game market, making every other title a FPS of some sort. Not only has it brought the market down, but has reduced its own quality via severe milking. The newest installment Call Of Duty: Black Ops was a great example of why this series need some new hardware. With so many features, weapons, theater mode, and zombies, the graphic and quality took a vicious hit. And if anything else, just to take a break.


This series became an instant phenomenon with the release of Fallout 3 in October 2008, and kept hardcore and casual players alike, glued to their TV screens. Even with the third games huge success, Fallout New Vegas was a relative bust, with the same graphics quality and game play, with the only major improvement coming by the way of Aim Down Sight(ADS). The only way  a new Fallout would be acceptable on this generation of consoles, would be to produce it on the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim engine.

Agree with us? Disagree with us? Please leave a comment below telling us why, or what other games you wouldn’t like to see until the next generation of consoles.

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  1. Fallout new vegas was still a great game nonetheless, but to me it just felt like a really big expansion pack. i think the developers really went along the morals of ‘if it aint broke dont fix it’ and the formula for fallout 3 was marvelous. However,the devs cant be forgiver the huge stockpile of bugs and glitches found within the world of new vegas. like many games this generation, they get rushed out onto market to meet the set street dates, and going along with the notion that the bugs can be ironed out later with patches and updates. there are 2 problems with this: 1. if your not connected to the internet you cant get these updates, and 2. games should be fully functional and working RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX!

    Luckily developers learn from their past mistakes, such as how epic games have held back gears 3 so they could include a beta and really refine the game and make sure everything is working perfectly from day 1.

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