5 Essential tips to becoming a better detective in L.A Noire

Always selecting the wrong answers when interrogating a suspect? Never have the right clues to prove your actions? Take a look at these essential tips to becoming a better detective in L.A Noire.

Detecting A Lie

One of the most common problems players have with L.A Noire is determining when and if a suspect is lying or telling the truth. First and foremost never under any circumstances select lying unless you have evidence to back it up. Without evidence you will fail and possibly make the suspect withhold further information from questioning. As your suspect answers your question pay close attention to detail. Eye movement, veins popping out from the head or throat, hand movement, forcing a smile, touching objects or their face, etc. Instead of quickly selecting an answer, watch the suspect for a few seconds after he/she answers your question. If the suspect maintains eye contact, keeps a straight face with no signs of anger, fear, etc they’re usually telling the truth. If the suspect quickly starts looking around, messing with their hands, showing signs of fear or anger in their face or smile, the best option would be to doubt them. This method isn’t always 100% effective, so you will have to pay closer attention to finer details if you want to outsmart the tough ones.

Use Of Your Notebook 

The notebook is your best friend in L.A Noire. Always, always take a quick look at your notebook when interrogating a suspect. If you’re not 100% sure on an answer you’re about to select, whipping out the notebook for a few seconds to find details could lead to bigger clues and more suspects. All the information you gather about a person, locations, clues, etc can be found in your notebook. Turning pages and flipping through notes doesn’t sound like fun, but as a detective it’s your job to gather this information and use it accordingly. When in doubt, always turn to your notebook for answers.

Creating Mental Clues 

While the notebook does a great job of logging all your clues and information. Sometimes the details on the clues from the games dialog will be left out. It’s your responsibility to remember these details by always paying close attention to detail when investigating a crime scene. For example, if you find a certain piece of clothing that would only apply to a certain persons race, age, or gender make a mental note of what Cole is saying about the clothing. That way if you interrogate a suspect and they deny knowing anything about the victim, you can combine that piece of clothing with your mental note gathered during your investigation to pin that clue to that person.

Revisiting Previous Locations

You investigated a crime scene, or a questioned a few people at a bar and everything that needs to be done is done right? Wrong. As you proceed your investigation on your current case you will stumble across new clues, people of interest, and locations. If you previously questioned a suspect at a certain location at the beginning of the case, but have found more clues, or gathered information from questioning other suspects leading to the original suspect you questioned first, you may want to go back. Quickly opening up your notebook, selecting people, then selecting the original suspect will provide a list of a questions. From the information you gathered, or new clues you found during an investigation could open up new questions for the original suspect. It never hurts to ask more questions as they can sometimes open up valuable clues or information on a lead.

Never Jump The Gun 

Often while on an investigation you will be given multiple locations you can visit. Sometimes further along the case a certain location is played off as a definite location to subdue a suspect. However, if you have a lead your suspect is at a certain location, but also have an address to a bar for example for further questioning. Always choose the extra location. There’s no need to jump the gun to get to the end of the case, because sometimes without the right leads you will end up with a terrible case rating. Instead, visit all possible locations of interest for interrogating suspects before heading off to lead locations. That one location you might not visit could make or break your case.

I hope these list of tips makes your job as a detective easier and provides a more enjoyable experience with L.A Noire. I mean, who wants to always get the wrong answers and be horribly rated on their work right? If you have any further tips, questions, or if these tips helped you. Leave a comment below.

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  1. I noticed in the studio secretary murder, I could’ve used the bowling pin found at the liquor store to link the bowling alley guy that had a crush on the victim on the first question bcuz he said that I couldn’t prove that he knew her… Phelps didn’t write the clue down nd I couldn’t prove he was lying and I couldn’t doubt him and I got a failed question when I was stuck with truth 😦

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