The celebrities behind L.A Noire and how they stack up in game

L.A Noire Noire is a game with many familiar faces, but who are they and what are they famous for? We take a look at some of the celebrities involved in L.A Noire and how they stack up in-game.

While playing L.A Noire you might notice a certain character and go “Hey! I know that person from somewhere.” but can’t think of where you saw them. Well we’re here to help. The list below shows some of the celebrities featured in L.A Noire, how they stack up with their in-game character, and what they’re known for outside of the game. Part 2 can be found here.

Aaron Staton – Cole Phelps
You man know him from “Mad Men”

Erika Heynatz – Elsa Lichtman
You may know her from “Australia’s Next Top Model”

Brian Krause – Grocery Store Manager
You may know him from “Mad Men”

Keith Szarabajka – Herschel Biggs
You may know him from “The Dark Knight”

Andrew Connolly – Captain James Donnelly
You may know him from “Guiltrip”

John Nobel – Leland Monroe
You may know him from “Lord of The Rings”, “Fringe”

Patrick Fischler – Mickey Cohen
You may know him from “Oldschool”

Adam Harrington – Roy Earle
You may know him from “Dexter”

Michael McGrady – Rusty Galloway
You may know him from “CSI: Miami”

Sean McGowan – Stephan Bekowsky
You may know him from “End of the Spear”

Larry Clarke – Adrian Black
You may know him from “The Informant!”

Jack Impellizzeri – Floyd Rose
You may know him from “Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place”

William O’Leary – Frank Morgan
You may know him from “Home Improvement”

Michael Bofshever – Ivan Rasic
You may know him from “Bruce Almighty”

William Charlton – Marlon Hopgood
You may know him from “The Shield”

These of course are just some of the hundreds of actors featured in the game and it looks like the new Motionscan technology has paid off pretty well in terms of the quality in capturing the actors. What do you think?

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  1. I just saw Greg Grunberg from Heroes in the game. Thought it was cool that I recognized him in a game.

    • Haha, Greg Grunberg is the only one I positively recognized so far! Nothing against the motion scan tech; I think it’s looking amazing. He’s just the only face I could place as of yet.

      • Chris Carlson

        There’s actually quite a few faces I recognized but couldn’t put a name to them. Which is what gave me the motive to construct this article. 🙂

        One thing I can’t stand is seeing a face and not being able to match a name with it.

  2. You forgot to add Mrs. Bishop, aka Carla Gallo. She was the woman in the apartment.

  3. I don’t know if this is the guy or not but he looks a lot like him. Is Andy Umberger the coroner at all the crime scenes that you talk to? It’s been driving me nuts the last couple of days. Here’s a link to his pick:

    • Yes – that’s him.

      If you look at his IMDB timeline, it says that he is in L.A. Noire, and that he played Carruthers.

      Nice find.

  4. Captain Spacker

    Loads others from Mad Men. The bartender in the hit and run case with the knife achievement used to be in it and I think Peggy from the show is one of the witnesses in that case too

  5. They forgot one. Alexis Cruz as Officer Enrico Gonzalez.

  6. There is also “Bob Clendinen”, he was a drunk guy in front of a bar. And I think I spoted him somewhere later again. He is known from several shows and movies. He was Dr.Zeltzer in Scrubs and even played a role in L.A. Confidential.

  7. I really thought I’d also seen Jon Cryer from Two and a Half men 😛

    • yes I believe I seen him aswell, he’s in one of the first missions(Buyer Beware) as the man you take a statement from in the orange shirt just before you enter the shoe store…:D

      • Chris Carlson

        I actually just started another playthough and finished doing that case. I thought the same thing as well, but it doesn’t sound anything like him. I’ll have to look in the manual and see if he’s listed because I love Two and a Half Men 🙂

  8. Frank Lundy from Dexter is the coroner

  9. I recognized every face that i have seen b4!

    AWESOME tech!

  10. I recognize the old lady that was whirring the blue thing on here head in one of mission

  11. Anders Andersen

    There’s also the bartender, Diego Aguielar portrayed by Joe Nieves from How I Met Your Mother.

  12. You forgot to add Peter Stormare aka Dr. Harlan Fontaine

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