L.A Noire is misunderstood and unappreciated

L.A Noire is with out a doubt one of the most anticipated games of the year, which received much praise and very favorable review scores. However, the feedback from gamers is disappointing.

Now before you jump the gun and scream “But, L.A Noire has tons of 9’s and 10’s.”, hear me out. While L.A Noire did receive very good review scores, including from us which you can read here.I’m more worried about the feedback I’ve been reading from my fellow gamers, and a few reviews that I won’t mention. You see, with L.A Noire having the infamous Rockstar logo on the front of the box it draws a lot of attention. What do people think of when they think Rockstar Games? Grand Theft Auto. While the basic movements, and gunplay in L.A Noire are very similar to those in GTA or even RDR, the core gameplay is entirely different. I usually don’t give a damn about how most people feel towards a game because everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However it disgust me when I read complaints about L.A Noire for the wrong reasons. L.A Noire isn’t suppose to be a 1940’s GTA, it’s not suppose to be a huge open world game to explore and do what you want at your own free will. It’s a story driven game focused on interrogation and investigation.

I feel L.A Noire is misunderstood and unappreciated by some of our fellow gamers and don’t understand what L.A Noire brings to the table. The common problem with video games today is everything is so similar, nobody tries to stand out and take a chance. Team Bondi did. You see everyone complains, bitches and moans because they buy a game and it’s just like this game, so it becomes boring. Then when a game comes along and offers something different, and what gamers want. They bitch because it’s not like everything else on the market. I felt the same way, and still do, when Heavy Rain was released. Which is another great example because Quantic Dream brought something to our next-gen consoles that no one else offered until now.

People complained Heavy Rain was boring because it was all quick time events, it was short, and offered no replay value. Same thing with L.A Noire except for a few altercations. People complaining the investigations are boring, you can’t shoot people whenever you want, nothing to do after you beat the game etc. I have a few questions for those people, and if you’re reading this I hope you can explain. Did you bother gathering information on the game you purchased, or you thought because the Rockstar logo was on the box it was going to be another GTA type game set in the 40’s? Have you ever heard of the word experience? No, not those stupid little points that pop up when you get a kill on Call Of Duty. I’m talking about the overall experience you have with a game.

Have you ever been to a concert, than after you left you shout “That was fucking awesome!”. What ever happen to that? What ever happen to people enjoying a game based off the experience it provides? You will shell out hundreds and hundreds of dollars to go see a concert or even a baseball game that last what, 3 maybe 4 hours most? Yet when a video game can offer that same type of thrilling experience for 8-20 hours it’s not good enough for your money because there’s no replay value? Now the way I value my money is going to be different from yours, but when I buy a game I’m after the experience it offers. When I play Call of Duty – which is very rarely- sure I can play for days, weeks, months of the same concept. Run, shoot, die, respawn, repeat. Sure its fun, but it’s repetitive. Which from what I’ve read is a main problem in L.A Noire with gamers. Here’s a hint of reality. Detective work is repetitive, and has to be in order to be successful. Just because something is repetitive, doesn’t make it boring. You go to the crime scene, look for clues, gather information to get leads, interrogate suspects and pursue the criminal. Hell, even in the gameplay series trailers for L.A Noire it tells you, EVERY case begins the same way. So why act surprised when you do the same thing over and over, but with different suspects and situations?

The main problem I have with these people is it’s not to often that a game like L.A Noire or Heavy Rain comes around. When they do, they bash the living shit out of the game for doing something different. L.A Noire and Heavy Rain are mature games. I don’t mean you need to be 18 to play them. I mean they’re meant for a mature, older audience who understand what they offer and appreciate it. You may be old enough to watch Scarface or The Godfather, but you’re not mature enough to respect and understand what it brought to the film industry and I feel the same way about L.A Noire and Heavy Rain. Gaming has grown so much over the past few years, so much in fact that it wasn’t even 10 years ago people bought single player games that lasted months or even years for them. Now if a game offers only single player, it’s almost immediately classified as a rental. More and more kids and younger adults are playing video games nowadays, which is perfectly fine. Enjoy what makes you happy. Just don’t criticize something you don’t understand for the wrong reasons. If you didn’t enjoy Heavy Rain or L.A Noire that’s perfectly understandable because it’s not a game for everyone. Which is probably why I enjoy both games so much. However, completely downplaying a game you don’t have the attention span, patients, or an understanding of the game to enjoy it like it’s suppose to be enjoyed is wrong.

We need more games like L.A Noire and Heavy Rain. Not particularly just detective games, but games that offer something new and exciting that stand out from the rest of the crowd. When you have people leaving the wrong impressions to the developers because they didn’t do their homework and are off complaining saying “This sucks, it’s boring, why can’t I shoot people when I want to do” makes developers want to change their ways. No developer wants to hear their games sucks, but they also shouldn’t be hearing it sucks from the wrong people. So please, I beg you. If you’re a gamer that doesn’t understand and can’t grasp the concept of games like Heavy Rain and L.A Noire, just keep your mouth shut. You’re the reason games like Dragon Age have turned to the “casual” side of gaming, which really sucks for us hardcore guys. If you’re a gamer that does understand and can grasp the concept of games like Heavy Rain and L.A Noire, but just didn’t enjoy it because it wasn’t the type of game you thought it would be. Then good for you.

I’m not saying you have to love or give these games a 10/10. I’m just saying try to understand a game, its purpose, and what it offers instead of what it doesn’t offer before you go spouting how much it sucks.

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  1. Wayne Buckley

    Well Said……great article…It is sad that a great game like LA NOIRE comes out,and everyone whines like a little bitch…because its not a shooter. LA NOIRE in my opinion is easily GAME OF THE YEAR.I Hope they bring lots of DLC for this game…

  2. wowowowowow… There are actually people that thought this was going to be a GTA clone???? God go buy MAFIA 2 then. I knew exactly what this game had in store and im loving it to death!!!!

    Easily GOTY next to Dead Space 2 IMO. Well done Team Bondi and Rockstar!

  3. So far this year there have been two GOTY contenders for me, and they are Portal 2 and LA Noire, and after release I have heard SO many of the same complaints about both games, and that is “but I can’t just shoot people”. Seriously? If you want to shot people, go play Call of Duty, but if you want something which makes you think outside of the box, and actually contemplate your decisions rather than the ‘spray bullets everywhere’ instant gratification that Call of Duty type games offer, play something like Portal 2 or LA Noire and appreciate it for doing something different, instead of being another identikit shooter.

  4. its still just a video game not a real life exp. and not a very fun game, is a boring game still a game

  5. AMEN!!!! Way to go. I am glad someone said this. I don’t play COD either. I think I got bored with this when it was the original Medal of Honor series. I don’t bash the hoards that run out to buy it every year. I actually like LA Noire and Heavy Rain also. I think back to Out of this World coming out during the Mario era on NES. It was a breath of fresh air. Thanks again for writing such a great article

  6. I cant see how ANYONE would be disappointed with this game unless, they were expecting a GTA. And if they were, they are stupid! LA Noire is an AMAZING game, and should be heralded as such. GOTY already for me!

  7. I understand this completely. It’s story telling. But it’s not what people are looking for. The everyday, run-of-the-mill guys will say that Uncharted 1 was boring, so they didn’t like Uncharted 2. And it’s the same thing here. People want to have interactive games that allow them to make their own choices, not be driven in it’s own direction. Interactive storytelling–Fallout 3, Oblivion–these are games people like. This is certainly not a risk and it has been done before–it’s just a linear based game in an open world environment.

  8. JoeySixkiller

    I can see how the 14 year old COD and GTA fanboys would be upset by this game, saying stuff like; “what i can’t shoot that guy in the face?! Or run those people over for fun, or blow up this or play online?! And I can’t understand what they are talking about either! This game sucks!!”

    My comments echo this articles, its not for under 18’s, not because just because its too violent for you, but because ‘YOU JUST WON’T GET IT’. Not because the game is bad, but because 90% of you are not smart enough to appreciate it.

  9. I’m Surprised the little 14 yr old boys didnt rate this game a 10 just for the BOOOBIES


  11. But it’s such an intellectual shallow and superficial game. You’re better off watching a great noir or reading some great literature. This had the potential to be really interesting, but it’s just so unimginative and so reliant on cinematic rip offs, homage and cliche.

  12. Wow, what a great article. I was thinking the exact same thing, as I read countless comments about how this game sucks because it isn’t a copy of GTA 4…if you want to play GTA, just wait for the new one to come out, and to an earlier comment, I am 15 and comopletly understand the game, and you know what…I agree with you. Many kids my age will hate this game, and do mainly because it is a more slow paced-story based game and because they can’t shoot people up. That is why many kids my age like COD or GTA, because it IS fast paced and has tons of fast paced action. I’m not going to sit here and bash on those who dislike L.A. Noir, but I do want to point out that they dislike it for the wrong reasons!

  13. Oops, typo, meant completely not comopletly…was typing a little too fast.

  14. Here are the reasons I dislike LA Noire, hopefully they are not the “wrong reasons”

    I’m not a gamer who wishes Phleps could channel Tommy V and make the streets run red, but I do enjoy some depth to my games. I want my gaming experience not to be exactly the same as everyone else’s, let me make some choices that can actually change the course of action(hello Heavy Rain). If I screw up an interrogation, it should impact what happens going forward rather than letting me try again so that the story is unaffected.

    I greatly enjoyed LA Noire while playing but a felt like the rug was pulled out beneath me once it had started to actually pick up. My main problem comes with the linear gameplay. We are given multitudes of variable courses of action regarding clues, locations, people, and yet the outcome is always the same. If Phelps messes up a case and gets sent back down the pecking order to beat cop, why doesn’t the game acknowledge it rather than acting like it didn’t happen. The city is so expansive and beautiful but they gave us no incentive to explore it.

    LA Noire is a good game that has brought us amazing new technological innovations, but lets not overlook it’s shortcomings.

    Oh and this DLC thing is a complete scam. Fifteen years ago, this content would be included in the game but now they can withhold content and take more of our money because of new media forms and increasing internet access around the world.

  15. hooch pandasnatch

    This writer of this article does a disservice to the people complaining about LA Noire. LA Noire is a boring game. It would be more fun if you could shoot civilians and start fights like in GTA, but the absence of these elements is not the reason why LA Noire is boring game.

    LA Noire is repetitive and is very easy from start to finish. To finish this game requires patience but virtually no intelligence or skill. Until LA Noire I had never played a game where the person holding the controller looking at the TV was irrelevant to most of the gameing experience. Far too many cases (levels) seem to start with 10 mins of cutscenes followed by 5 mins of clue collecting (10 mins if you switch off vibration), 5 mins of very limited and ultimately irrelevant interrogation, find some more clues, complete another pointless interrogation, have a car chase, arrest the suspect and the watch another 10 mins of cutscenes (it takes longer if you bother to drive from location to location in a vast and wasted 1940’s LA).

    LA Noire could have been a brilliant game instead it has been a wasted opportunity. As a proper sandbox game it could have worked, you could have had different cases to solve across the city with countless different characters just like in GTA. However, instead of killing people and smashing stuff-up you could have been solving proper puzzles, have conversations with different characters, use your brain and have an affect on 1940’s LA. It could have also worked as a proper story-driven, well-paced, linear game. It could have had levels that were different and got more difficult, a less clumsy control system and interrogation system that allowed you to choose from a range of sentences that added your own character to Mr Phelps. Instead LA Noire is a linear game using the dynamics of a sandbox game.

    As for people complaining that people are ‘complaining about La Noire’ you should understand that a lot of people feel cheated by this game. Every magazine/website reviewer given an early copy told us that it was an amazing and intelligent game from the creators of GTA. Based on those reviews we bought the game, we understand what Team Bondi created, we ‘got’ the concept but just thought it was Shit!

  16. ” You’re the reason games like Dragon Age have turned to the “casual” side of gaming, which really sucks for us hardcore guys” man i love you! ;(

  17. I completely agree with you. Good article!

  18. Yes, that’ll explain everything. ” I’ve been reading from my fellow gamers, and a few reviews that I won’t mention.” Couple of friends and those whom you’re not even intended to mention constitute the core of the audience. If you decided to discuss why do people buy a game because of a logo. Pff… Should we read this then? Why should we go through the admonitions to those who aren’t capable to get information about the thing they buy ?

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