L.A Noire Complete 5 Star Case Guide

Without a doubt the hardest Achievement/Trophy in L.A Noire is getting 5 Stars on all cases. Well no need to worry because we have a completed 5 star guide for every case in the game. Complete with a full list of every clue, people of interest, where to find the clues and the correct answers to every question.

It’s rather simple really. Click on a link below for which desk you need help with, pick a case and follow the guide. Easy as that.

NOTE: Patrol Desk is not included because it’s not required for the Achievement/Trophy as those cases don’t earn you a rating.

Traffic 5 Star Case Guide

Homicide 5 Star Case Guide

Vice 5 Star Case Guide

Arson 5 Star Case Guide

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  1. I really enjoyed these guides, they were what I was looking for, very straight to the point with no unnecessary text. Well done! Thanks for helping me get my platinum trophy (on PS3).

  2. i started playing la noire again and found out that there were 3 cases i couldnt get 5 star on so i started those and used the guide to complete it. But even after using the guide i got 5 star on every cases now but the achievement didnt unlocked… i could see that there are 5 star rating on every cases when i checked it but it doesnt show up in different kind of war.. there is only 2 newspaper icon… and if it is the damages that i have done and couldnt get achievement then how can i get rid of it to get this acheivement …Can someone help PLease???

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