5 New Beautiful Battlefield 3 Screens [UPDATED]

Battlefield 3 is without a doubt an amazing looking game, but these new screenshots are just breathtaking.

[UPDATE] 4 More screens were added.

Click on the images below to see the full size.

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  1. Please don’t act like a moron.

    *Edited by the Administrator*

    • Please don’t act like a moron.

      *Edited by the Administrator*

      • We’re not fanboys, that guy is an idiot if he actually thinks that the 360 is not at it’s limit already. Not to mention that DICE favor Sony and the PS3. The only fanboy i see here is the idiot that wrote that comment.

      • Chris Carlson


        I don’t believe the 360 is at it’s limit yet. Look at games like Crysis 2 on the 360. As time passes developers learn and find new ways to squeeze the most out of our current gen consoles. Wait until we actually see what BF3 looks like on 360 before making claims.

      • @DAS692 haha you really think DICE perfer sony. whokept battlefield going all these years it wasnt Sony thats for sure it was Microsoft they own a slice of every pie

      • Anyone who Buys this on a PS3 or XBOX 360 are wasting money PC will own both why would you even consider buying it on a console

      • @IMHI

        Because I don’t like gaming on PC. Never have, which is why I will be buying it on consoles.

      • @Chris Carlson

        They do make 360 controls for PC trust me it will be so much better on PC

      • @IMHI

        Oh I know, it’s not just the controls it’s the entire experience. I’ve played a few games on PC with a 360 controller and while they’re more fun, I still enjoy actually playing on the 360 better. I’ve always enjoyed playing on PS3/360 in my lazy boy on my nice little 42″ TV. I just enjoy PSN and XBL over anything available on PC.

        It’s just a personal preference thing.

      • To each there own. I do admit xbox live is a faster process when it comes to finding reliable matches & players

      • Its hard for them to cope when All sony designers use Microsoft PCs to create anything for the ps3

      • Please don’t act like a moron.

        *Edited by the Administrator*

      • ^^^
        That’s what the PS3 is made of!

    • EA/DICE have already said that the PS3 version will be better than the 360 version. But the PC version is the leading platform. All in all its going to be a good game regardless

      • @Mr.Moth
        A Quote from Patrick Bach – Executive Producer

        Our philosophy is to not to talk about things we cannot prove and this is true also when it comes to the quality of the Xbox 360 version of the game. All of the core game systems (animation, destruction, rendering, audio etc.) are the same on all platforms so there will not be a difference when it comes to the general experience of the game. Some technicalities will of course be different due to larger memory and the graphics cards you can have on the PC. We are trying to push the envelope of FPS games in general and this will be obvious in all versions of the game. Looking back to what quality we achieved with Battlefield Bad Company 2 last year we do know how to make high quality games on all platforms.

        Check the Link if you think im lying http://vgn365.com/2011/04/20/dice-battlefield-3-ps3-xbox-360-version-will-be-the-same/

    • Have you seen xbox360 footage?

  2. um….you are messed morgenfall.

  3. regardless, BF3 on any platform will look better than MW3.

  4. consoles are the reason, why the games have that miserable directx 9 graphics
    i hope is will have directx 11
    consoles are too old to support a good graphics quality
    time for new ones

  5. My name is lame

    Please don’t act like a moron.

    *Edited by the Administrator*

  6. ^^^ says the guy with the name “PS3 is lame”.

  7. Please don’t act like a moron.

    *Edited by the Administrator*

  8. Please don’t act like a moron.

    *Edited by the Administrator*

    • Tell us how you really feel. Don’t hold anything back or people might talk about your lack of understanding the article.

  9. @ Chris Carlson :

    If you prefer play on consoles, I respect your choice. I am the first to claim that we can have fun on any platforms, but please just admit that the “whole experience” on PC is often deeper (I mean more intense and mature).
    Have you heard of The Witcher, Stalker and Minecraft ?

    • I believe the word you may be looking for is more immersive. The graphics can be so much better on a PC. The gameplay is often the same whether using a keyboard and mouse or a controller.

    • @Bernard

      Well I can’t admit that because I don’t enjoy gaming on PC as much as consoles so the experience is always worse because it’s not something I enjoy as much as 360 and PS3. Not to mention I don’t have a high end PC or anything. However I can admit the experience with RTS games is much more enjoyable on PC as I use to play the living shit out of Starcraft back in the day. Same with games like The Sims, but pretty much every genre is more enjoyable for me on consoles.

      And of course I heard of those games, just because I don’t play on PC doesn’t mean I don’t keep up with it. I wish I had a PC capable of playing games like Witcher 2 just to try it out because it looks kick ass. Thankfully it’s coming to 360 later this year though 🙂

  10. The game looks stunning. I’m getting it on PC for sure. Destructioln and gameplay will be top notch I’m sure.

  11. Look at this game! just look at it. Its mind blowing and will be on all systems. This game looks so good and so much work has gone into it but yet you all dont see that. All the post about these pics are all about witch console its going to look best on. Really disappointed in everyone’s completely ridiculous comments, just look at this game and see what a great game its going to be. I fucking cant stand gamers today. I hope dice dont read all these comments cos what the hell are they working hard for if all you lot are going to do is bitch and moan about which ones best. WHO GIVE A SHIT!!!!!!!!

    • @ Darren Blackmore

      I think there are about 3 rediculous comments on this page one of them is yours and I give a shit about the quality of a game thats why I bought a PC with a quadcore processor if you could afford to play this game on pc you would give a shit too.

  12. As far as I could tell the article didn’t mention whether the graphics are gameplay footage or some sort of cinematic movie. Even the PS2 or original X-Box could make a game look this good if its a movie. However, if its in gameplay footage I agree the graphics look outstanding.

    • @ dirk

      they did annouce that this was gameplay. Would have taken you just as long to find that out as it took you to write that comment

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