Call Of Duty Zombie Maps: How They Rank

Nazi zombies, what to say about it. Other than that its one of the most addicting horde modes to date that will keep you glued to the tv for days and nights on end. With the recently released Shangra-Li it makes 10 maps which means its review time. These are how the 10 maps rank in my opinion.

10. Five

The map “Five’ was the second zombies map on Call of Duty Black Ops and was unlocked by completing the campaign mode. This map had its own set of playable characters which were (From left to right), Robert McNamara,  John F. Kennedy, Fidel Castro, and Richard Nixon. Footage of this map was leaked well before its launch, and with the unique set of characters drew much hype and attention, and ended up being a major let down to, well everyone. The reason this comes in last place as the worst zombie map in Call of Duty history is because of a lack of direction. The map was overly complicated from just making it from one end to the other via the elevators, all the way down to packing a punch on a weapon, the process was 5 steps and was more of a nuisance than anything.

9. Dead Ops

Dead Ops Arcade was not a traditional nazi zombie game because it is a top down, twin stick shooter with crazy weapon power ups and abilities. But for a zombie game it was very directed. You would spawn in a room, kill all the zombies, then pick you path to the next room and that repeats for a few levels and eventually you warp to a new area and repeat the process. Even though Dead Ops Arcade can be a blast to play, it comes in at number 9 because it isn’t a classic zombie map, or mode, or whatever you would call it.

8. Call Of The Dead

Call of the Dead was released with the escalation map pack not so long ago, and while being just as addictive as any other zombies map, it tried to hard to change, which made for more of a nuisance than a challenge. The first thing this map did wrong is the starting area. There is one window and the rest of the zombies crawl out of the ground. Which makes sense because they are zombies, but thats not the formula that makes CoD zombies great.

7. Verrückt

Verrückt was attached to Map Pack 1 for Call of Duty WaW and was the second zombies map. This was probably the most important map as far as innovation goes, and all the features introduced here are still in all the present maps that have been released since Verrückt. These features include perks, traps, moving mystery box, turning the power on, and having many paths to choose from. This map was great, my first copy of  WaW broke playing this map and of course I was having so much fun I had to go and get the first of many copies of WaW. This map was great and desirves higher than a 7 on this list, but its got heavy competition.

6. Nacht Der Untoten

Nacht Der Untoten. Most people who jumped on the Call of Duty bandwagon with modern warfare 2 have yet to experience where it all began, but now your probably not missing a whole lot. When people first started playing World at War, this map was everything. After a few months probably half the population on WaW played only nazi zombies. This maps biggest impact was that it was the spark, it started the addiction that zombies is now. It set the base with all the basic mechanics from buying doors, weapons being on the walls, to the mystery box. Tt all started right here.

5. Shi No Numa

Shi No Numa came with Map Pack 2 with World at War and was a hell of a lot of fun. The biggest thing this map gave to zombies was the great characters of the badass American Marine Tank Dempsy, the gruesome German Doctor Richtofen, the wife murdering heavy drinking Nikolai, and the gayest video game character ever, Takeo. Well he isnt that bad, but he does say some really gay shit. That and the first strategy where you walk in a circle was on this map, and it also introduced the wonderwaffe which was also on the map Der Reise.

4. Shangri-La

Shangri-La is the newest addition to the zombie maps and was added in the third map pack for Call Of Duty Black Ops, Annihilation. The map hasn’t been out but a week now, and I have had a blast with it so far. It’s probably one of the most challenging. One of the best things about zombies are the mystery and the easter eggs and this game takes easter eggs the the next level. Instead of alot of easter eggs, this map has one very long and very complex one, not to mention it’s timed! Needless to say I have yet to finish it. Instead of having a special wave that rewards you with a max ammo at the end, they put these little fucking monkeys that run away with the power ups that get dropped and as they run the power up changes and you have to time it just right to get a max ammo. All together this map was an excellent addition.

3. Ascension

Ascension was the first dlc map for Black Ops and came with the First Strike Map Pack. This map is an absolute blast to play, it has the classic zombies feel, and had that great shroud of mystery and easter eggs at launch. Ascension added a few new perks and had the map exclusive lunar lander which was this little hover pad that would fly you around the map and was a great escape plan for any strategy. This was the first map to have a special round that didn’t have Hell Hounds. Instead it had the cutest little monkey that would go and steal your perks. Don’t be fooled by their cuteness, their fucking viscous! Although this map didn’t add any significant features, it was just crazy and fun to play, and rightfully to deserves a very high rank on anyone’s list.

2. Kino Der Toten

Kino Der Toten was the map that Black Ops launched with and at first it was perceived as a failure, but was slowly accepted, It’s understandable it didn’t receive a warm welcome right away as it came directly after Der Riese which isnt on this list… yet. This map started a pretty cool easter egg trend of putting music in the game which was great addition. The thing about this map is that it was simple, its just a big circle, which helps add to its greatness. The most common strategy is a couple of different places to walk in a circle, which is surprisingly addictive.

1.Der Diese

Der Riese. If you didn’t see this map coming in at number one, you didn’t play this map. This map was just ridiculously fun, words can’t describe it. Just the name brings back memories of all nighters, snack and restroom breaks, running and screaming because you got so close to beating your record. This map never had a dull moment. I still remember the highest level I got to, and how we lost. A dog glitched out of the map, we waited two hours to see if he would magically appear. This map was just pure adrenaline pumping fun, the true zombies map, and a true masterpiece.

All in all I enjoyed all these maps at one point or another and each and every one still gets played here and there. Call of Duty Zombies is one of the most addictive horde modes in any game,  In my personal opinion I think is good enough for a stand alone zombie game with an ass load of maps, and its received lots of support with a steady stream of maps, which is a huge boost to replay ability. Of course this is my list, and I have a feeling very few people will agree with it entirely, show us your list and your thought on mine in the comment section below.

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  1. mispelled der riese in the title

  2. nice read man, I love zombies.

  3. I think call of the dead was poorly marked, its one of my favorites for its size, how you needed to run every few minutes since the horde was so dam fast, and the easter egg which is always fun to do.

  4. I know that I’m in the minority, but I really enjoy “Five”. In fact, it’s my favorite map. It’s different from every other zombies map and honestly, once you learn how to get down to power and turn it on while still having enough money for jug and the box, the map is really quite simple

  5. I agree with tommy, get to the mp5 after round 3 and to the power by 6. Once you do this the defcon room becomes your savior. Just sucks to play with 2 ppl, farthest weve gotten is lvl 25.

    • Retardation Patel

      You have no right to agree. I will report you to the tribunal.
      You will be banned for 3 fricking days.

  6. i bought the waw bundle pack so i wouldnt get kicked out of lobbies for not having the maps but now i play waw for the zombies . shi no numa is my favourite . i know people love der reise but shi no numa had mystery like not knowing what perk was where or not having a pointless 3000 bowie knife . i also liked the layout of the map , having the perks all sprea out . but even though i prefr shi no numa . i like every map .

  7. highest on shi no numa 17 . der reise 19 nacht der untoten 12 verrucht 12 . what about you

    • Pffft how can u only get to round 12 on veruct and nact der untoten!!! I always get to atleast 20-25 everytime and my best is 34 on nacht der untoten! Der riese ive got to like 40 something i think most of the time i get 30-35 atleast!!!

      But yeh my favorite maps are!
      Call of the dead, kino der toten and der riese

      • Retardation Patel

        Pffft how can u only get to round 20-25 on veruct and nact der untoten!!! I always get to atleast 200-205 everytime and my best is 304 on nacht der untoten! Der riese ive got to like 400 something i think most of the time i get 300-305 atleast!!!

        But yeh my favorite maps are!
        Summoners Rift, Twisted Treeline, Howling Abyss and Crystal Scar

  8. Call of the dead is by far the worst map ever made even worse than verruckt or dead ops it so boring i’d rather watch songs of praise

    • not really the map layout the space the easter egg and the challenge of doing it but u have to be in the mood to play it

  9. I liked call of dead and actually lost interest in the Zombie Maps after. I feel that they moved away from what made playing Zombies fun. I remember games going for over 5 hours while camping 4 in a spot and just ruining zombies and laughing our asses off. Der Riese is by far the best map u could camp for long time but would have to eventually go on the run from portal to portal. The worse map to me was Moon or whatever the last map that was released. The Astronaut was a huge pain in the ass and just never was any fun. For me it would be Top 5: 1)Der Riese 2)Acension 3)Call of Dead 4)Kino Der Toten 5)Verruckt.

    • charlie.stephens

      Exactly same top 5 as me:)

      • What about Naght der untoten the map that started zombies I agree your top five has some of my favorite maps but kino-and naght der untoten are my two favorite maps ever.

    • I agree with alot of what you said. I loved shi no numa alot thats still one of my top favorites because of the layout. campin out then using the zipline was fun shit. I always felt I had unfinished business with that level when der riese came out bc i only played der riese after that. I miss ascension i don’t have those maps anymore they got deleted some how but i don’t remember shangri-la which confuses me now. i dont see how i havent played tht 1 yet. Moon was pretty wack n the shipwrecked one i havent had success with either

  10. charlie.stephens

    I think this is fair tbh, apart from maybe call of the dead and shangri-la should maybe swap. Top 3 you chose are the best 3 maps even with moon added now, good review.

  11. nykolas murray

    lvl 20 on nact der untoten lvl 19 der reise lvl 12 on verrukt lvl 15 on shi no numa

    • Michael DiCristina

      Kino – 26, Five – 29, Der Riese – 29, Shi no Numa – 20, Nacht der Untoten – 31, Verruckt – 22, Moon – 24

  12. My highest levels on each map… Nact Der Untoten- 33, Verrukt- 29, Shi No Numa- 18, Der Riese- 39, Kino Der Toten- 31, Five- 15, Ascension- 25, Call of Dead- 29, Shangri La- 20, Moon 19. I think the classic WaW maps were the best, and I still enjoy playing them on Black Ops.

  13. RoBsOnIon 11226

    I agree Der Riese is epic i got up to round 30 and loved every minute of it and i do like shi no numa cause of tactics

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  15. all good, but moon needs to be added as four

  16. I would have switched ascension and call of the dead. That map was awesome for its setting and size

  17. I’ve gotten to level 50+ on all maps, I won’t say what rounds exactly, but I think I pretty much wasted a huge chunk of my life on these games. My longest game ever being 13 hours online, no break. My ranking system for Maps is, 1. Call of the Dead, 2. Moon, 3. Five, and all of the rest are the same after.

  18. 1. Ascension, 2. Der Riese, 3. Moon, 4. Call of the Dead, 5. Kino Der Toten
    Ascension is so epic even though i don’t have it its so epic. Der Riese is awesome only the dog rounds are annoying. Call of the Dead such an annoying map especially George but in the end i like it a lot with a rope that leads to the ground and an epic Michael Rooker. Kino is kind of hard but is very fun and its the first map that I played with the 4 epic zombie killers 1.Tank Dempsey, 2. Nikolai, 3. Riftoften, 4. Takeo.

  19. I agree Der riese is the best.

  20. I think the best on this list is Kino der Toten. My highest round was 75 on Solo. My least favorite is “FIVE”. That map was just crap and they should’ve done better. But the absolute worst map ever would have to be Tranzit from Black Ops 2.
    Top 5 in order: 1) Kino der Toten 2)Der Riese 3)Nacht der Untoten 4)Ascension 5)Verruckt

  21. Where is the moon map my favorite would be in this order for what i’d played!

    1) Kino der toten
    2) Moon
    3) Shi No Numa
    4) Verruct
    5) Der riese
    6) Five
    7) Dead ops

  22. Remarkable issues here. I am very glad to see your article. Thanks so much and I’m taking a look forward to contact you. Will you kindly drop me a mail?

  23. Come on dude! Call of the Dead has to be in the top 3…AT LEAST!

  24. Hi, i have made a video showing my top 5. could you all take a look and comment your opinions?

  25. all your mother

    Yah and these are all just your opinions… map five didn’t let me down and CHANGE is alwaysa good thing. Why just keep adding maps and not add anything??

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