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Call Of Duty Zombie Maps: How They Rank

Nazi zombies, what to say about it. Other than that its one of the most addicting horde modes to date that will keep you glued to the tv for days and nights on end. With the recently released Shangra-Li it makes 10 maps which means its review time. These are how the 10 maps rank in my opinion.

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Duke Nukem Forever Review

He’s Back, and He’s All Out of Bubble Gum

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DiRT 3 Review

DiRT 3 is the third installment in the DiRT franchise, which is known for its off road racing experience, and this installment is no different. DiRT 3 builds on all the great things about its predecessors and excels in almost every way.

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Games we don’t want to see this generation.

As everyone knows all too well, this generation of consoles is quickly drawing game developers and publishers back from their full potential because of a lack of processing power, disc space (for the 360), and other factors. Right alongside all of these reports are claims of games maxing out this generation of consoles. This should make those games great, but for how long, these are five games we don’t want to see this generation.
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