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Call Of Duty Zombie Maps: How They Rank

Nazi zombies, what to say about it. Other than that its one of the most addicting horde modes to date that will keep you glued to the tv for days and nights on end. With the recently released Shangra-Li it makes 10 maps which means its review time. These are how the 10 maps rank in my opinion.

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12 Years Later, The Duke Nukem Forever Demo Now Available For Everyone

Never got a first access pass for Duke Nukem Forever to play the demo before the game released? Well no worries because the Duke Nukem Forever demo is now available to download for everyone.

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Duke Nukem Forever Review

He’s Back, and He’s All Out of Bubble Gum

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Ghost Recon: Future Solider Beta Dropping January 2012

Ubisoft has confirmed that the Beta for Ghost Recon: Future Solider will begin in January 2012.

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New L.A. Noire Nicholson Electroplating DLC Screens

Rockstar Games have just released a few new screenshots of the upcoming DLC “Nicholson Electroplating” Case for L.A. Noire

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L.A. Noire Gets Title Update 2.0

Rockstar Games have just released the latest title update for L.A. Noire which includes a few fixes and upgrades.

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Gearbox Shows Appreciation to the Man who Pre-Ordered Duke Nukem Forever 10 Years Ago

A user by the name of slash000 is a very patient man. Gearbox shows their appreciation to the fan with a ton of goodies.

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5 New Beautiful Battlefield 3 Screens [UPDATED]

Battlefield 3 is without a doubt an amazing looking game, but these new screenshots are just breathtaking.

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Some Of The Most Kick Ass Box Art You’ll Ever See, That Isn’t Real.

Have you ever bought a video game and while looking at the box art you thought what else could it possibly look like that would be totally kick ass and awesome? Well we’re here to show you some of the most kick ass box art you’ll ever see. Except for the fact it isn’t real.

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