Clues: 14

Abandoned Vehicle
Blood Splashes
Receipt for Live Hog
Bloody Pipe
Cavanagh’s Matchbook
Instaheat Flyer
Instaheat Receipt
Glasses Case
Concealed Message
Train Ticket
Swine Blood

People of Interest: 3

Nate Wilkey
Margaret Black
Frank Morgan

Investigate P.E. Freight Depot

    1. Abandoned Vehicle: Obtained automatically
    2. Blood Splashes: Obtained automatically after talking to the officer at the scene when you approach the vehicle
    3. Receipt for Live Hog: Check the trunk of the car
    4. Wallet: Check near the “A” Evidence square in front of the car (inspect the identification)
    5. Glasses: Check near the “A” Evidence square in front of the car
    6. Bloody Pipe: A little to the left from the wallet and glasses beside the “C” Evidence square

NOTE: Make sure to talk with the coroner and inspect the vehicle before leaving so that you can gain the Swine Blood clue later.

Nate Wilkey
Purpose At Scene: Truth
Knowledge of Adrian Black: Truth
Contents of Wallet: Doubt
Bloodstained Pipe Found: Truth 

Investigate Black residence

  1. Cavanagh’s Matchbook: check the dining room table (check inside) OR check the bed side table in Adrian’s room OR the counter beside the stove in the kitchen
  2. Instaheat Flyer: check the kitchen table (check both sides)
  3. Instaheat Receipt: check the kitchen table
  4. Glasses Case: check the dresser in Adrian’s room (check inside)
  5. Concealed Message: check inside the picture on Adrian’s dresser
  6. Train Ticket: check the closet in Adrian’s room
  7. Water Heater: obtained by completing the water heater puzzle outside
  8. Updated “Bloody Pipe”: obtained by completing the water heater puzzle outside

Margaret Black

Slaughterhouse Receipt: Truth
Cavanagh’s Bar Matchbook: Truth
Location of Adrian Black: Truth
Stenzel Glasses Case: Truth
Photograph signed “Nicole”: Lie / Concealed Message
Alibi for Mrs. Black: Truth

Cavanagh’s Bar

Frank Morgan

Link to Abandoned Vehicle: Lie / Receipt for Live Hog
Location of Adrian Black: Doubt

NOTE: Drive to Morgan’s Apartment yourself, don’t have your partner do it. KGPL will notify you that the blood found in the abandoned vehicle is not human, but Swine Blood.

Morgan’s Apartment

Check the mailboxes to find out that Morgan’s Apartment is #2. Once you knock on the door, Adrian will answer and flee. Apprehend Adrian Black to end the case.



Clues: 9

Hit-and-run Vehicle
Insurance Letter
Coroner’s Report
Bloody Knife
Argument Overheard
Red Lincoln Continental
Lynch’s Statement
Pattison Stabbed

People of Interest: 3
Shannon Perry
Dudley Lynch
Lorna Pattison

Investigate Ray’s Cafe

  1. Hit-and-run Vehicle: Obtained automatically
  2. Insurance Letter: check the left pocket of the victim
  3. Wallet: check the right pocket of the victim (inspect the ID)
  4. Coroner’s Report: Obtained automatically after searching the body for clues and talking with the coroner
  5. Bloody Knife: check the first garbage can in the alley

Shannon Perry

Eyewitness Report: Truth
Argument Overheard
Suspect Vehicle Description: Truth
Red Lincoln Continental
Argument Overheard: Doubt

Dudley Lynch

Hit-and-run Accident: Doubt
Association with Victim: Truth
Argument Overheard: Doubt
Lynch’s Statement
Joint Business Venture: Doubt

Pattison Residence

Lorna Pattison

Hit-and-run Victim: Doubt
Nature of Arguement: Doubt
Partnership with Leroy Sabo: Lie / Insurance Letter

Central Morgue

Go into the autopsy room and talk with the coroner to learn some interesting information and that Pattison was stabbed.

Shelton Residence

When you arrive, you will see Mr. Shelton leaving his apartment with packed suitcases. As you talk with him, he will flee in his vehicle. Simply apprehend William Shelton

Pattison Residence Pt.2

When you arrive, Lorna will try and pin everything about the murder on Leroy. He will then show up with a gun. After some conversation he will shoot Lorna and flee. Chase after Leroy Sabo and try to fire a warning shot to easily apprehend him.



Clues: 18

Chevy Styleline
Victims Drugged
Letter From Mother
Prop Shrunken Head
Evidence of Abuse
$20,000 check
Movie Set Photograph
Movie Set Replica
Prop Store Photograph
Chloral Hydrate
Prop Shrunken Head Molds
Film Reel
Bishop’s Whereabouts
Empty Film Canister

People of Interest: 4

June Ballard
Jessica Hamilton
Gloria Bishop
Marlon Hopgood

Investigate Crash Site

  1. Chevy Styleline: Obtained automatically
  2. Victims Drugged: Obtained automatically
  3. Underwear: check on the trunk
  4. Letter From Mother: check the purse on the trunk
  5. Prop Shrunken Head: Talk to the coroner and inspect the head

June Ballard

Doping Allegation: Doubt
Injured Female Passenger: Lie / Underwear
Fake Shrunken Head: Doubt
Suspect “Mark Bishop”: Doubt

Central Receiving Hospital

  1. Evidence of Abuse: Talk with the doctor outside Jessica’s room
  2. Updated “Evidence of Abuse”: check Jessica’s chart at the foot of the bed

Jessica Hamilton

Crash Incident Report: Lie / Underwear OR Evidence of Abuse
Contact with Parents: Lie / Letter from Mother
Association with Bishop: Doubt
Evidence of Criminal Abuse: Truth

Tail June Ballard

Follow her in your car without her noticing and she will lead you to a diner. Once there, take cover at the right side of the diner and wait until she starts to use the phone. Quickly go inside and hide in the booth on the left with the newspaper.

Investigate Bishop’s Apartment

  1. Saddle: check the saddle near the front door
  2. $20,000 check: check the floor in the room closest to the front door
  3. Movie Set Photograph: check the green table in the second room
  4. Movie Set Replica: check to the right of the photograph
  5. Prop Store Photograph: check the table to the left of Gloria

Gloria Bishop

Domestic Disturbance: Doubt
Whereabouts of Bishop: Truth
Check for $20,000: Lie / $20,000 check
Abuse of Jessica Hamilton: Doubt

Silver Screen Props

  1. Chloral Hydrate: check the shelf on the right side of the stage
  2. Prop Shrunken Head Molds: on the worktable to the left of the newspaper

NOTE: Inspect the alley image to the right of the dumpsters to reveal the door for the secret film room.

Secret Film Room

  1. Film Reel: check the orange film case on the metal shelf
  2. Bishop’s Whereabouts: check orange film case on the metal shelf
  3. Empty Film Canister: check the film case on the wooden table (look inside)

Marlon Hopgood

Association with Bishop: Lie / Chloral Hydrate OR Empty Film Canister
Whereabouts of Bishop: Truth
Locate Mark BishopRelationship with Ballard: Lie / Empty Film Canister
Evidence of Blackmail: Lie / $20,000 check OR Blackmail

Investigate Movie Set

Drive over to the movie set and chase down Mark Bishop. Once you finally stop him you will need to escort him back down while fighting off McAffe’s goons.


Homicide Guide
Vice Guide
Arson Guide 

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