Never got a first access pass for Duke Nukem Forever to play the demo before the game released? Well no worries because the Duke Nukem Forever demo is now available to download for everyone…………Read More.


Ubisoft has confirmed that the Beta for Ghost Recon: Future Solider will begin in January 2012………..Read More.


Rockstar Games have just released a few new screenshots of the upcoming DLC “Nicholson Electroplating” Case for L.A. Noire……….Read More.


Rockstar Games have just released the latest title update for L.A. Noire which includes a few fixes and upgrades……….Read More.


A user by the name of slash000 is a very patient man. Gearbox shows their appreciation to the fan with a ton of goodies………Read More.

  is currently experiencing a few technical difficulties……..Read More.


Battlefield 3 is without a doubt an amazing looking game, but these new screenshots are just breathtaking…….Read More.


It appears has revealed the official box art for the upcoming Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim……Read More.


THQ’s Kaos Studios, creators of Frontlines Fuel of War and Homefront may be closing down…..Read More.


All the details have been spilled and the Rockstar Pass is now available for download on Xbox 360….Read More.

Microsoft slips Rockstar’s Pass into emails
The celebrities behind L.A Noire and how they stack up in gamed

L.A Noire has launched but still no word about the Rockstar Pass. However Microsoft proceeds to advertise it in emails….Read More.

Rockstar Pass not included with new copies of L.A Noire
Rockstar Pass not included with new copies of L.A Noire

A few days ago “Rockstar Pass” was spotted on the upcoming list of Add-ons for XBL. However, the actual pass isn’t included with copies of the game….Read More.

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