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“Appeal to a larger market” The most feared words by gamers

“Appeal to the larger market.” Sound familiar? It should because these are the most feared words by hardcore gamers today.

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5 Games that changed the gaming industry

Some games break sales records, win countless Game of the Year awards, and have hundreds of thousands of players daily. These games however have done far more. More than the developers probably imagined. They changed the video game industry.
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Games we don’t want to see this generation.

As everyone knows all too well, this generation of consoles is quickly drawing game developers and publishers back from their full potential because of a lack of processing power, disc space (for the 360), and other factors. Right alongside all of these reports are claims of games maxing out this generation of consoles. This should make those games great, but for how long, these are five games we don’t want to see this generation.
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