12 Years Later, The Duke Nukem Forever Demo Now Available For Everyone

Never got a first access pass for Duke Nukem Forever to play the demo before the game released? Well no worries because the Duke Nukem Forever demo is now available to download for everyone.

If you’re still on the fence about purchasing Duke Nukem Forever do to the very unfavorable reviews. Then today is your lucky day. After 12 years you can finally play as Duke once again and determine if he’s still worth your money today.

“Babes, bullets, bombs, and more babes- Duke Nukem Forever is the game you’ve been waiting 12 long years to play, and now it’s finally here. Blow up the alien bastards, interact with Duke’s world, woo the ladies, drive Duke’s monster truck, boost up your ego, and much much more. Download now, and Come Get Some!”

Xbox 360 users can download the demo directly from here. PS3 users should see the demo when the Playstation Store is officially updated later today.

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