Clues: 18

Size Eight Shoe Prints
Blunt Force Trauma
Missing Jewelry
Writing on Body
Bamba Club Lighter
License Plate 2B8899
Husband’s Alibi
Female Shoe
Forced Entry
Note on Fridge
Picture on Dresser
Marital Problems
Death Threat Note
Size eleven Shoes
Size eight Shoes
Used Lipstick
Socket Wrench

People of Interest: 3

Jacob Henry
Alonzo Mendez

Crime Scene

  1. Size eight Shoe Prints: check the shoeprints at the “C” Evidence square
  2. Blunt Force Trauma: check the right side of the victim’s head
  3. Missing Jewelry: check the left hand of the victim
  4. Writing on Body: check the lower torso of the victim
  5. Lipstick: check the victim’s purse at the “A” Evidence square
  6. Bamba Club Lighter: obtained after solving the rotating globe puzzle at the “B” Evidence square

NOTE: Rotate each row to the left to make an image of North and South America.

The Bamba Club


Suspect Seen with Victim: Truth
License Plate 2B8899
Ring Stolen from Victim: Doubt
Knowledge of Husband: Doubt
Husband’s Alibi

Henry Residence

  1. Female Shoe: On the floor in the diving room
  2. Forced Entry: check the broken window in the kitchen
  3. Note on Fridge: while not actually listed as a clue, it is required
  4. Update “Missing Jewelry“: check the ring box on the dresser in the bedroom
  5. Picture on Dresser: not actually listed a clue but it is required

Now go outside and talk the neighbor.

Marital Problems: Obtained from speaking with Jennifer Horgan

Jacob Henry’s Apartment

  1. Death Threat Note: obtained after using the pencil to shade out letters on the notepad in the kitchen
  2. Size eleven Shoes: check the open suitcase in Jacob’s bedroom

Jacob Henry

Movements of Victim: Lie / Bamba Club Lighter OR Husband’s Alibi
Last Contact with Victim: Truth
Motive for Murder: Lie / Death Threat Note

Central Police Station

Head into interview room 2.

Jacob Henry

Access to Murder Weapon: Lie / Husband’s Alibi
Lipstick Markings: Truth
Deterioration of Marriage: Lie / Marital Problems
Missing Jewelry: Truth
Last Contact with Victim: Truth
Motive for Murder: Lie / Death Threat Note

Mendez’s Apartment

Size eight Shoes: check the shoes beside the bed
Used Lipstick: check the bloody box in the bedroom
Socket Wrench: check the bloody box in the bedroom

NOTE: Do not search the bloody box first or you will miss the “Size Eight Shoes” clue.

After searching the box, Mendez will show up and flee. Simply catch him.



Clues: 12

Rope Pattern
Small Men’s Footprints
Missing Jewelry
POI Deidre Moller
Size eight Work Boots
Missing Watch and Ring
Husband’s Alibi
Butterfly Brooch
Bloody Shoes
Size eight Shoe Prints
Bloody Tire Iron

People of Interest: 3

Michelle Moller
Hugo Moller
Eli Rooney

Crime Scene

  1. Rope Pattern: check the left side of the victim’s head
  2. Small Men’s Footprints: check the chest of the victim
  3. Missing Jewelry: check the left and right hand of the victim

Make sure you talk with the coroner to learn more about the victim.

  1. POI Deidre Moller: Check the name tag inside the purse at the “B” Evidence square

Moller Residence

  1. Size eight Work Boots: check the floor of the master bedroom
  2. Missing Watch and Ring: check both the watch box and the ring box on the dresser in the master bedroom

Michelle Moller

Missing Watch and Rings: Truth
Last Contact with Victim: Doubt
Husband’s Alibi
State of Parents’ Marriage: Doubt
Butterfly Brooch

Hugo Moller

Footprints at Crime Scene: Lie / Size eight Work Boots
Missing Persons Report: Doubt
Alibi for Hugo Moller: Lie / Husband’s Alibi
History of Violence: Lie / Butterfly Brooch

Leave the apartment and question the neighbor across the street. Afterwards you will see Hugo Moller burning something in the incinerator. Chase and catch him then check the incinerator.

  1. Bloody Shoes: check the incinerator

Central Morgue

  1. Size eight Shoe Prints: check the shoe molds on the counter beside the samples of rope.

Belmont High School

  1. Updated “Butterfly Brooch“: Automatically obtained after apprehending Eli Rooney
  2. Rope: check the bloody rope in the trunk of the car
  3. Bloody Tire Iron: check the bloody tire iron in the trunk of the car
  4. Overalls: check the bloody overalls in the trunk of the car

Central Police Station

Hugo Moller

Disposal of Evidence: Truth
Access to Braided Rope: Doubt
Victim’s Vehicle Recovered: Lie / Overalls
Access to Tire Iron: Lie / Bloody Tire Iron

Eli Rooney

Footprints at crime scene: Doubt
Place of Employment: Doubt
Access to Braided Rope: Truth
Motive for Moller Murder: Doubt

Convict Eli Rooney



Clues: 17

Bloodied Stocking
Blood Trail
Ladies Hat
Personal Effects
Dot Pattern Note
Library Card
Iron Picket
Broken Window
Attorney’s Letter
Charm Bracelet Photograph
Religious Necklace
Fruit Crate
Bloodied Shirt
Husband’s Alibi

People of Interest: 4

Barbara Lapenti
Diego Aguilar
Angel Maldonado
Clem Feeney

Crime Scene

  1. Bloodied Stocking: check beside the “A” Evidence square
  2. Blood Trail: check the blood trail beside the “C” Evidence square
  3. Ladies Hat: Follow the blood trail and check the purple hat
  4. Personal Effects: Follow the blood trail to a garbage can and check the shoe inside
  5. Key: Follow the blood trail and inspect the large pipes
  6. Dot Pattern Note: Follow the blood trail till you find a piece of paper on the ground
  7. Library Card: check inside the purse just past the bucket and paint brush on top of the building after following the blood trail

Antonia’s Residence

Iron Picket: check the broken window to the right when you enter the room
Broken Window: check the broken window the to the right when you enter the room
Attorney’s Letter: check the open suitcase on her bed
Charm Bracelet Photograph: check the open drawer across from the bed

Barbara Lapenti

Possible Suspects: Truth
Movements of Victim: Doubt
Evidence of Break In: Lie / Broken Window OR Iron Picket
Breakdown of Marriage: Lie / Charm Bracelet Photograph
Religious Necklace

El Dorado Bar

Diego Aguilar

Missing Jewelry: Doubt
Movements of Victim: Truth

Maldonado Residence

  1. Fruit Crate: check the floor of the kitchen
  2. Bloodied Shirt: check the two blood stains on the shirt beside the kitchen door
  3. Husband’s Alibi: talk with the resident of apartment 302

Central Police Station

Angel Maldonado

Last Contact with Victim: Lie / Husbands Alibi
Brown Ford Coupe
Divorce Proceedings: Lie / Divorce Papers
Jewelry Taken from Body: Truth
Bloodstained Shirt Found: Doubt

Just Picked Fruit Market

Clem Feeney

Distinctive Necklace: Doubt
Contact with Victim: Doubt
Movements of Victim: Truth

Enter the room left of the counter and check the open filing cabinet to find a wooden box. The combination is 2-5-3, check all three items before moving on.

  1. Scalpel: check the left desk

Clem Feeney will flee, chase and apprehend him.



Clues: 17

Time of Death
Laundry Label
Boot Prints
Tire Tracks
Laundry Ledger
Victim’s Handbag
Muddy Boots
Wet Jacket
Bow Rope
Yellow Cab 3591
Victims Movements
All American 249
Bus Route Map
Victim Last Seen
Bloodstained Rope Piece

People of Interest: 4

Catherine Barton
Lars Taraldson
Benny Cluff
Richard Bates
James Jessop
Stuart Ackerman

Crime Scene

  1. Time of Death: Obtained automatically after arriving at the scene
  2. Laundry Label: check the victims head, turn to the right then left
  3. Boot Prints: check the foot prints at “B” Evidence
  4. Tire Tracks: check the tracks at “C” Evidence

Catherine Barton

Suspicious Persons: Truth

Superior Laundry Services

Talk with the clerk at the back.

  1. Laundry Ledger: obtained automatically after opening up the ledger

43 Emerald Street

  1. Matchbook: check the dresser in the master bedroom
  2. Victim’s Handbag: check beside the sink in the laundry room
  3. Muddy Boots: check the floor of the laundry room
  4. Wet Jacket: check beside the back door in the laundry room
  5. Bow Rope: check the bow of the boat in the yard outside

Lars Taraldson

Possible Suspects: Lie / Bow Rope
Alibi for Lars Taraldson: Doubt
Victim’s State of Mind: Doubt
Last Contact with Victim: Lie / Muddy Boots OR Wet Shirt

Baron’s Bar

Benny Cluff

Last Contact with Victim: Truth
Yellow Cab 3591
Vagrant Male Suspect: Doubt
Yellow Cab 3591: Truth

After chatting with the barman, he will point to Richard Bates, but he will run off. Catch and apprehend him.

Richard Bates

Contact with Victim: Doubt
Account of Movements: Doubt

NOTE: Make sure to use a telephone nearby so you can put an APB out on the Yellow Cab. You get a message from the Captain that James Jessop is at the police station and waiting to be questioned. Make sure to drive yourself as KGPL will notify you that they found the Yellow Cab.

Yellow Cab Trace

  1. Victims Movements: Obtained automatically after talking with the cab driver

Central Police Station

James Jessop

Contact with Victim: Doubt
Incident with Bates: Doubt
Movements prior to Murder: Doubt
All American 249
Cab Ride with Victim: Doubt

Bus Depot

Talk with the lady behind the desk and she will pull out a route map.

  1. Bus Route Map: Obtained automatically after looking at the bus route map

NOTE: Make sure to drive yourself again and follow the route marked in red on your mini map until you find the bus.

All American 249 Bus

  1. Victim Last Seen: Obtained automatically after talking with the bus driver

Hobo Camp

  1. Bloodstained Rope Piece: check the bedside table inside the hut
  2. Purse: check the table across from the bed

Central Police Station Pt.2

Stuart is waiting for you in Interview Room #1.

Stuart Ackerman

Motive for Murder: Doubt or Lie / Bloodstained Rope
Contact with Victim: Doubt
Alibi for Stuart Ackerman: Doubt or Lie / Purse



Clues: 17

Pawned Rings
Missing Ring
Time of Death
Upper Half of Torn Letter
Movie Lot Job
Liquor Purchase
Victim Last Seen
Lower Half of Torn Letter
Torn Letter
Tire Iron
Teirnan’s Accusation
McCaffrey’s Accusation
McCaffrey’s Criminal Record

People of Interest: 4

John Jamison
Grosvenor McCaffrey
James Tiernan


Talk with the owner and he will show you two rings. Be sure to inspect them both.

  1. Pawned Rings: Obtained automatically


  1. Vagrancy: check the right side of the victims head
  2. Missing Ring: check the victims right hand
  3. Time of Death: obtained after checking the victim for clues
  4. Handbag: check the handbag on the Yellow tarp
  5. Upper Half of Torn Letter: check the white paper in the handbag
  6. Movie Lot Job: check the red paper in the handbag

John Jamison

Lipstick – Obtained automatically

Interference with Evidence: Truth
Discovery of Victim’s Body: Doubt

Mensch’s Bar

Grosvenor McCaffrey

Criminal History: Doubt
Last Contact: Doubt

Levine’s Liquor Store

  1. Book: check the ground beside her bed (look inside)

There are a couple other things to check out but aren’t listed as clues: A photograph next to the book. A photograph on the crates behind you. A Keystone Films trophy on the floor at the foot of her bed, a nameplate and a bowling pin next to the trophy.


Contact with Victim: Truth
Liquor Purchase
Relationship with Victim: Truth
Knowledge of McCaffrey: Doubt

Mensch’s Bar Pt.2

Grosvenor McCaffrey

Relationship with Victim: Lie / Book
Victim Last Seen

McCaffrey’s Apartment

  1. Lower Half of Torn Letter: check the right side of the desk beside the front door
  2. Tire Iron: check the floor beside the desk

Central Police Station Pt.2

James Tiernan

Relationship with Victim: Lie / Victim Last Seen
Victims Book Found: Doubt
Alibi for James Teirnan: Lie / Liquor purchase
Access to Murder Weapon: Doubt
Teirnan’s Accusation

Grosvernor McCaffrey

Last Contact with Victim (Already crossed off)
Alibi for McCaffrey: Lie / Torn Letter
Access to Tire Iron: Lie / Teirnan’s Accusation
McCaffrey’s Accusation

NOTE: Use a phone in the station before talking with Tiernan again. You will learn that McCaffrey was in discharged from the army for beating a woman.

McCaffrey’s Criminal Record

James Teirnan Pt.2

Events Prior to Murder: Lie / McCaffrey’s Accusation

Grosvernor McCaffery Pt.2

Military Service: Lie / McCaffrey’s Criminal Record

Charge McCaffery and end the case



Clues: 14

Black Dahlia Letter
Shelley Excerpt
Second Excerpt
Social Security Card
Deidre Moller’s Watch
Third Excerpt
Fourth Excerpt
Antonia’s Medallion
Theresa Taralden’s Shoe
Fifth Excerpt
Celine Henry’s Garnet Ring
Sixth Excerpt
Evelyn Summers’ Ring
Seventh Excerpt

People of Interest: 0

This case is very simple. Have your partner drive to each of the following locations in order, then solve the locations puzzle which will lead to all the clues.


Pershing Square
Hall of Records
Public Library
Westlake Tar Pits
L.A. County Art Museum
Intolerance Set
Christ Crown of Thorns


Traffic Guide
Vice Guide
Arson Guide

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  1. Just followed the studio secretary guide and it wasn’t quite right, needs adjusting

    • Chris Carlson

      Mind telling me exactly what’s wrong with it?

      • I know it’s a whole year later, but I just noticed this too. Basically, you got a few of the events mixed up around the point where you leave Mensch’s Bar for the first time. At that point you get called back to HQ. You don’t get the information to find McCaffrey’s Apartment until a little bit after that, after you go to bowling alley and chase down Tiernan.

        I was able to get 5 stars by following your guide, but by ignoring the call back to the station, visiting Levine’s Liquor Store, re-visiting Mench’s Bar, going to the bowling alley, chasing down Tiernan, and then finally going to HQ, and picking up the guide from after that.

        Thanks for this guide though – even with a few issues here and there, it’s great to have a full run-down of everything that needs to happen for each case. I appreciate the time you spent putting this together!

  2. After talking to robbins at the liquor store a cutscene takes you back to the station as another letter has been recieved, after that you can’t go back to mc affery at the bar and get his clue victim last seen.

    You need to go to the liquor store before going to the menschs bar.

    • Chris Carlson

      I’ll have to test that out because I’m almost 100% sure I’ve always been able to go back to McCaffrey because KGPL tells you to return to the station but if you do then you won’t be able to go back to McCaffrey, but if you ignore KGPL you can return and get the clue. I did a another playthough after writing the guide just to be sure. Since you brought it up though, I’ll replay the case and see if you’re correct and will change the guide accordingly. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  3. Yah I had the same thing as well. Need to go to the liquor store first, check the book, then the bar. But I still received 5 stars without asking Teirnan the Victim last seen question, plus I couldn’t use the phone to get McCaffreys Criminal record so I didn’t get to ask the last question. But I charged him and got 5 stars anyway.

  4. They’re right, the step there about going back to the bar didn’t work for me. I had to go to the police station. But I got 2 questions wrong and still got valorous 5 stars! Awesome, awesome guide you’ve got here. Way better than the other one with the screenshots (too long to go through).

  5. Yeah there is no mensch’s bar pt2, and the part about apprehending Tiernan is completely left out… Every other part of the guide is right, though, so I can’t complain…. well… i mean I can, but it’s not a big deal haha

  6. I got four stars because I didn’t go to the hobo camp soon enough in the case

  7. when questioning Eli Rooney in the golden butterfly case, question 2 is actually truth, and question 3 is actually doubt. you have them labelled as doubt, and truth respectively.

  8. i hate you all. studio murder. finally completed it after the third attempt because all of you internet pricks are too incompetent to either do a guide correctly or fucking EDIT IT. god damnit. You do realize that the comments are at the end of the page right? so we can’t see that anything is wrong with a particular case? its okay, ill calm down, but god damnit. The fury.

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