Clues: 16

Heater Serviced by Ryan
Competition Ticket
Suburban Redevelopment
Regulator Valve
Instaheat Model 70
Heater Serviced by Varley
Ivan Rasic’s Statement
List of Glass Fitters
Varley’s Criminal Record
Ryan’s Criminal Record
Clemen’s Criminal Record
Clemen’s Anarchist Pamphlet

Ryan’s Anarchist Pamphlets
Mosquito Coils
Walter Clemens’ Statement
Matthew Ryan’s Statement

People of Interest: 6

Don Steffens
John Cunningham
Ivan Rasic
Walter Clemen’s
Matthew Ryan
Reginald Varley

Steffens House Fire

Heater Serviced by Ryan: check fried box along the left side of the house

Don Steffens

Competition Ticket
Travel Competition: Truth
Suburban Redevelopment
Suburban Redevelopment: Doubt

Gulliver’s Travel Agency

John Cunningham

Suburban Redevelopment: Truth
Promotional Travel Contest: Doubt

Sawyer House Fire

Regulator Valve: Found on the ground, front side of the house on the right

Fire Station 32

  1. Instaheat Model 70: Obtained automatically after speaking with the fire chief
  2. Heater Serviced by Varley: Obtained automatically after speaking with the fire chief

The chief will now talk you through his little experiment on the table. Solve the puzzle.

1. The Gas Bubble goes beside the burning coil (yellow piece)
2. The Regulator goes in the center (blue piece)
3. The Gas Pipe goes on the left side
4. Pull the lever on the left to complete the puzzle

Instaheat Factory

Ivan Rasic

Instaheat Model 70: Doubt
Ivan Rasic’s Statement
Heater Service History: Lie / Heater Serviced by Varley OR Heater Serviced by Ryan

  1. List of Glass Fitters: Obtained automatically
  2. Varley’s Criminal Record: Obtained after cross referencing the list
  3. Ryan’s Criminal Record: Obtained after cross referencing the list
  4. Clemen’s Criminal Record: Obtained after cross referencing the list

Speak with Mr. Rasic again.

Mr Rasic will guide you to their lockers so you can search for evidence.

  1. Clemen’s Anarchist Pamphlet: search the lockers on the left
  2. Ryan’s Anarchist Pamphlets: search the center set of lockers
  3. Mosquito Coils: search the right set of lockers (check inside the mosquito coil box)

Clemens’ Worksite

Walter Clemen’s

Knowledge of Varley: Doubt
Walter Clemens’ Statement
Employment with Instaheat: Doubt
Knowledge of Ryan: Lie / Clemen’s Anarchist Pamphlet

Varley’s Worksite

After you arrive Varley will run for it. Make sure to fire a warning shot!
Ryan’s Worksite

Ryan will flee in his truck. Catch him and arrest him then return to the police station.

Wilshire Police Department

Matthew Ryan

Anarchist Literature: Lie / Ryan’s Anarchist Pamphlets
Instaheat Model 70: Lie / Ivan Rasic’s Statement
Suburban Redevelopment: Doubt
Matthew Ryan’s Statement
Attempted Murder Charge: Doubt OR Lie / Ryan’s Criminal Record

Reginald Varley

Work at Sawyer Residence: Lie / Heater Serviced by Varley
Suburban Redevelopment: Lie / Walter Clemens’ Statement OR Matthew Ryan’s Statement
Instaheat Model 70: Lie / Mosquito Coils

Charge Matthew Ryan to end the case.



Clues: 13

Bodies Moved
Family Photograph
Water Heater
Cigarette Butts
Boot Prints
Weekend Away
Houses to be Demolished
Origiami Crane
Elysian Fields Flyers
Poor Cement Quality
List of Contractors
Mosquito Coils
.45 Caliber Ammunition

People of Interest: 2

Dudley Forman
Leland Monroe 

House Fire

  1. Bodies Moved: Obtained automatically after speaking with Lynch
  2. Family Photograph: check the floor opposite the bodies at the “B” Evidence square
  3. Water Heater: check the side yard on the right side of the house at the “C” Evidence square

Now go over to the neighbor’s yard. There are two clues here to find before speaking with him.

  1. Cigarette Butts: check the neighbor’s yard underneath the tree
  2. Boot Prints: check the neighbor’s yard underneath the tree

Dudley Forman

Weekend Away
Morelli Fire Witness Report: Doubt
Houses to be Demolished
Suspicious Activity: Doubt

Planned Demolitions: Doubt
Promotional Travel Contest: Truth

  1. Origiami Crane: Obtained automatically
  2. Elysian Fields Flyers: Obtained after opening the Origami Crane

Rancho Escondido

  1. Poor Cement Quality: check to the right of the chimey for a loose brick

Elysian Fields

Leland Monroe

Elysian Linked to Arsons: Doubt
Promotional Travel Contest: Lie / Elysian Fields Flyers
Local Land Acquisitions: Doubt
Rancho Escondido Fire: Lie / Poor Cement Quality

After speaking with Leland, check the secretary’s desk before leaving.

  1. List of Contractors: check the paper on the secretary’s desk

Inspect the name Herbert Chapman, #3 on the list.

Chapman’s Apartment

  1. Mosquito Coils: check the trunk of his car (check inside the box)
  2. .45 Caliber Ammunition: check the trunk of his car

There is also a box full of Elysian Fields Flyers in the trunk. After that you will spot Chapman leaving the laundromats. He will pull out a gun and hijack the cable car.

Chase down the cable car and bring it to a stop. Shoot Chapman to finish the case.



Clues: 11

Settlement Letter
Buchwalter Case File
Slip of Paper
Cement Delivery Receipt
Demolition Order
Company Memo
Broken Wood
Lumber Delivery Receipt
Inferior Quality Lumber
Film Canister

People of Interest: 1

Elsa Lichtmann

California Life & Fire

Settlement Letter: check the letter given to you
Buchwalter Case File: read the sheet underneath the pink slip in the case file

Elsa Lichtmann

Disputed Claim Payout: Doubt
Connection to Buchwalter: Doubt
Motive for Distpute: Truth

  1. Slip of Paper: Obtained automatically

Curtis Benson’s Office

Follow the secretary to his office. You’ll have a chat with your boss.

Elysian Fields Site

  1. Cement Delivery Receipt: check the first desk as you walk in
  2. Demolition Order: check the large piece of paper on the third desk
  3. Company Memo: check the small piece of paper on the third desk

Demolished House

  1. Broken Wood: check the red flag marker at the back of the house

Keystone Films Studio

Lumber Delivery Receipt: check the short stack of lumber near the security hut
Inferior Quality Lumber: check the stack of lumber opposite from the Delivery Reciept

Enter the Screening Room.

  1. Film Canister: check the table behind the film reel case

Now, open up film machine box and start the film.

1. The top dial changes to focus of the flim. Turn it to the center
2. The bottom dial changes the speed of the film. Turn it to one spot left of center
3. Flip the switch at the bottom.

Flim: Obtained by solving the film reel puzzle

Elysian Fields Site Two

Go upstairs and check the room in the back. Some goons will jump you and you will break free of the trunk. Find the closest vehicle and start driving to Elsa’s Apartment to end the case.



Clues: 7

Inferior Lumber
Redevelopment Fund
Insurance Agreement
Share Certificate
Improved Land Value
Buchwalter Case File
Elysian Lot Number 1876988

People of Interest: 1

Curtis Benson

Curtis Benson’s Apartment

  1. Inferior Lumber: Obtained Automatically
  2. Redevelopment Fund: Obtained automatically
  3. Insurance Agreement: check the desk beside the front door
  4. Share Certificate: check the glass table beside the desk

Curtis Benson

Motive For Fraud: Lie / Share Certificate
Suburban Redevelopment: Lie / Insurance Agreement
Buchwalter Case Settlement: Doubt

California Life & Fire

Improved Land Value: read the pink slip of paper (tap the row labeled Development)
Buchwalter Case File: check the top right of the blue house plans (it will give you latitude and longitude coordinates)

Hall of Records

Enter the building and talk with the guard at the front desk. He will tell you the Land Registry Office is just upstairs.

Here, talk with the clerk and he will lead you to a shelf of books labeled “S”
Flip the page, and then tap the name “C.Sheldon” on the second page.

Next, the clerk will show you over to a coordinates machine. Input theses coordinates
1. Change the Latitude coordinates to 34’04’29
2. Change the Longitude coordinates to 118’17’58
Elysian Lot Number 1876988

The clerk will show you an adding machine where you need to convert your lot number into a letter.

1. Punch in 1,876,988
2. Divide by 90,000
3. Pull the handle to get an answer of 20
Updated Elysian Lot Number 1876988

Now search the bookshelf labeled “U.”

On the second page, tap the Lot Number 1876988

Kelso’s Apartment

Simply answer the phone in your apartment. It’s Leland Monroe and he wants you to meet him at his place.

Leland Monroe’s Mansion

Check the safe for a few things: a green book with payroll information in it. Blank shares worth $400,000 each and a file on Dr. Fontaine.

Next, search the table behind the desk for a picture of the Suburban Redevelopment Fund.

Finally check the folder on his desk for names of the people who wouldn’t sell their houses and the case will end



Clues: 7

Morphine Cabinet
Freeway Route
Crystal Ball
Fontaine’s Blackmail Letters
Photographs of Okinawa
Origami Cranes

People of Interest: 0

Westlake Pest Control

Enter the business and talk with the guy behind the desk. He will give you the information you need. The arsonist lives at the Ranch Bunkhouse.

Doctor Fontaine’s Office

  1. Morphine Cabinet: check the big gray cabinet

Head into the office and search for more clues. Check Fontaine’s left hand for a lighter inscribed “I.H.” Check the right side of his neck as well.Next move to the desk and check the sketchbook. Use the charcoal and shade an image. Next, compare it to the Newspaper to your right.

  1. Freeway Route: after using the charcoal to make a map, check the newspaper clipping
  2. Crystal Ball: check the floor opposite the desk
  3. Fontaine’s Blackmail Letters: check the table to the right of the crystal ball (tap the name SAWYER)

Ranch Bunkhouse

  1. Flamethrower: check the table to the right as you enter
  2. Photographs of Okinawa: check the wall behind you as you enter the back room
  3. Origami Cranes: check the right table in the backroom

NOTE: make sure you check the River Tunnel plans on the window.

Wilshire Police Station

Escort Jack Kelso to LA River Tunnels then follow the tunnels and shoot the enemies along the way until you find Elsa and the case will end.


Traffic Guide
Vice Guide 

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  1. I couldn’t believe I got 1 star on The Gas Man, I didn’t check any guides and everything pointed towards that guy being arrested, forget the name, but I was scolded for it. XD I printed all the pages of this guide out, won’t be making that mistake again.

  2. Thanks of the Guide .

  3. Thanks a ton for the guide!

  4. Hey, thanks a ton for the guide – one thing I would ammend though; in “A Polite Invitation” right at the end in Munroe’s office, the case didn’t end until I’d checked the Newspaper next to the SRF photograph.

    Because it wasn’t mentioned and I was on my second playthrough I didn’t bother viewing the cinematic, and so was wandering around the mansion lost for a while.

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